• History of Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is one of the earliest forms of healing, dating back 5000 years, utilizing needles to provide relief of pain and other common ailments. In its infancy, sharpened stones were used to apply pressure in specific areas of the body. Over time, stones gave way to bones and finally, to hair-thin

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  • Herbal Therapy

    Herbology is a branch of science that deals with the therapeutic qualities of herbs. It is the oldest form of healing known to man and is one of the most important aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese Herbology aims to build and strengthen the body's immune system's response to fight disease. Herbs,

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  • Male Sexual Disorders

    There are many causes for sexual dysfunction in males including problems with circulation, stress, and lack of nutrients. These problems can also be derivatives of an organic condition such as diabetes and kidney dysfunction. The Chinese acupuncture therapy correlates male sexual dysfunction to the displacement

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  • Dermatologic Disorders

    Acupuncture is commonly used in the treatment of chronic dermatological conditions, although, acute symptoms, like severe itching, can be effectively treated. Dermatological disorders can be caused by allergies, in which case, the allergens should be avoided. Acupuncture will treat skin diseases caused

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  • Allergies

    Allergies are extreme reactions to substances inhaled, in contact with the skin, or ingested. Usually allergies are the result of a weakened immune system. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine will build and strengthen the immune system by the use of antagonistic herbal treatment and establishing balance

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  • Laser Therapy

    A healing technique that stimulates acupuncture points with low intensity "cold" lasers emitting infra-red light placed on or over affected areas and acupoints. It differs from laser surgery, which utilizes "hot" lasers. It is usually used to relieve pain, inflammation, and wound healing.

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  • Cupping

    A method of acupuncture treatment that applies suction and creates a vacuum, by applying glass, ceramic, metal, brass or bamboo cups, stimulating the flow of blood. Cupping can be applied in combination with herbal medicine or traditional needling. This treatment is used in the relief of symptoms of

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  • Acupuncture Today

    Today, countries in Asia, such as China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea, along with Western European countries and America are constantly studying, researching and developing Acupuncture and other traditional Oriental treatment techniques. In this modern world Acupuncture has become very popular in America,

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  • Acupressure

    A technique that applies pressure to specific acupuncture points utilizing fingers, hand, elbow or various mechanical devices to provide relief of symptoms, balancing and motivating the flow of Qi throughout the body.

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  • 3 Common Neck Pain Treatments

    Looking for a natural way to relieve neck pain. Acupuncture offers impressive results.

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  • Relieve Your Back Pain with Acupuncture

    Tired of living with back pain? Try acupuncture.

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  • Using Acupuncture to Improve Balance

    It's no surprise that acupuncture can help improve balance problems. After all, the ancient Asian medical practice is effective in treating illnesses and conditions ranging from diabetes to back pain to insomnia. If you suffer from balance issues, you'll want to consider this natural, drug-free treatment

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  • What to Expect During Your First Acupuncture Treatment

    If you suffer from chronic headaches, cramps, back pain or poor digestion, it may be time to try acupuncture. Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment that rebalances your internal energy. Although the treatment has Eastern origins, many Western practitioners embrace acupuncture

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  • The Many Health Benefits of Essential Oils

    In today's modern age, synthetic chemicals bombard our bodies through our food, the air, the water, and our medical treatments. Although most modern medicine has been derived from plant chemicals, pharmaceutical companies alter the chemical compounds in order to obtain patents. These alterations lead

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